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eTest.ie - what is it?

A revolutionary website-based testing platform that facilitates a social learning environment for Irish schools, created by Gill Education. Both students and teachers can use it, either independently or together, to make testing easier, more engaging and more productive for all.


At eTest.ie, you can access tests put together by the author of your textbook. The results are instant, so you can quickly check just how your study or revision is going. Since each eTest is based on your textbook, if you don’t know an answer, you’ll find it in your book. Registering on the site allows you to save all of your eTest results to use as a handy revision aid or to simply compare with your friends’ results!


eTest.ie will engage your students and help them with their revision, while making the jobs of reviewing their progress and homework easier and more convenient for all of you.

When you register you can avail of the following features;

  • Create tests easily using our pre-set questions or create your own questions
  • Develop your own online learning centre for each class that you teach
  • Keep track of your students’ performances

eTest.ie has a wide choice of question types for you to choose from, most of which can be graded automatically, like multiple-choice, jumbled sentence, matching, ordering and gap-fill exercises.

eTest.ie is a free resource that allows you to create class groups, delivering all the functionality of a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) with the ease of communication that is brought by social networking.

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