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eTest.ie has a wide choice of question types that you will see in an eTest. They range from multiple-choice, to jumbled-sentence, to matching, to ordering and gap-fill exercises.
The questions that you could encounter while taking an eTest are are broken down into twelve specific types. They are:


Multiple Choice:
A multiple choice question consists of a question with two or more answer choices. This type of question can only have one correct answer.


Weighted Multiple Choice:
Possible responses are given different values or weights. Fractional weightings are accepted down to the second decimal place.

A multiple choice type question with two answer options. If you’d like you can rename the true and false into something else, for example, yes and no; or for a test in French, vrai and faux.

Multiple Correct:
A multiple correct question is made up of a question with two or more answer choices. You should read the question that your teacher has set for you and then check a box beside all of the answers that you believe to be correct. Multiple correct is different from multiple choice because you can choose more than one answer.

A matching question contains two or more pairs of terms. When you take the eTest, the terms will be jumbled and you will have to identify the correct matches.

An ordering question consists of two or more terms that need to be rearragned and placed in the correct order. When you take the eTest the terms will be jumbled, and you will have to put them back in the correct order.

Fill in:
The fill in question type just requires you to enter either one or two words into an empty gap, so that you can complete the sentence.

Numeric fill in:
Numeric fill in questions are the same as fill in questions, but can only have numbers for answers.

Initial Answer:
The initial answer question type allows the teacher to provide a filled in answer field that you, the student, can modify. For example, an English test can have a sentence where the word order is jumbled or contains several misspellings that you, the student, can correct.

Dropdown Select:
This question type is similar to multiple choice, except the answer choices are displayed in a dropdown list.

Short Answer:
The short answer question type requires responses of several words, or a full sentence or two.

Essay Question:
The essay question type requires a response of a paragraph or more.
Feedback can be created by the teacher with every question. This allows students to see feedback immediately after answering a question. Different feedback can be created for display after an incorrect or a correct answer.

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